1. An image of a garage with a blue vintage car inside it.

    What An Automatic Garage Door Can Do For You

    Whether an automatic opening garage door is something that you’ve been wanting to add to your home or not, you can’t deny that it’s a device that would bring extreme convenience to your life. An automatic opening garage door is something that may not seem like it adds much, but this little lux…Read More

  2. An image of a yellow car in the sun.

    Protecting Your Car From The Sun

      We live in Florida, and here the sun is always shining! While we love the sunshine and all that it brings, the sun can damage your car, just like it can damage your skin. Instead of having to just deal with the potential that your car's exterior and interior may be damaged, there are somethin…Read More

  3. A close up image of a horse fly.

    What’s Lurking In Your Garage

    While your garage is meant to shelter your car, store tools, and any other equipment that you don’t want in the house, it can become the perfect shelter for other things. These other things are pests, and they’re something that you don’t want to have to shelter in your garage. There are a numb…Read More

  4. An image of the sun shining through palm trees.

    How The Summer Weather May Be Effecting Your Garage Door

    It’s summertime! Which means that the hot weather is in full effect, especially here in Florida. With all the humidity, hot temperatures, and thunderstorms that can occur, it's no doubt that it can have a harsh effect on your garage door. At Door Doctor Inc, we understand that there's nothing more…Read More

  5. Seasonal Garage Door Opener Maintenance- Part 2

    Waking up one morning only to find that your garage door just isn’t opening is not the ideal scenario. Once your car is locked in your garage, you suddenly realize how much power your garage door has over you, and you shouldn't like it. Instead, keep your garage door and the garage door opener hap…Read More

  6. How To Balance Your Garage Door For Your Garage Door Opener

    As we’ve discussed in previous articles, an unbalanced garage door is much more unhealthy for a garage door opener than an unbalanced diet is for you. At worse, you might put on a couple more pounds, but your garage door opener will simply sputter out and there won’t be much that even Door Docto…Read More

  7. How To Troubleshoot Your Garage Door Opener Problems

    In general, your garage door is not a pain. You come home, you press the button on your dash or key ring, the door rises. You get up, press the button on the wall, drive your car out, press the button on the dash and it closes in your rearview mirror as you head to work. It lives a simple life and, …Read More

  8. Seasonal Garage Door Opener Maintenance- Part 1

    A garage door is one of those appliances, much like your fridge, that you rarely think about until it’s not working. In fact, essentially all of your appliances you likely take for granted until they break. The trick is preventing this breakage down the road by taking a couple of preemptive steps …Read More