1. an image of a woman standing outside a garage door.

    Your Garage and Social Distancing

    Among the current pandemic that the coronavirus has caused, social distancing is at an all time high right now. Not only is it extremely important to halt the spread of the virus, but it has caused many of us to self quarantine and only go out when absolutely necessary. When you hear the term social…Read More

  2. An image of bikes hanging in a garage.

    Commonly Stolen Items From Garages

    Household garages hold so much more than just our cars. For most of us, we tend to use our garages as another storage room. Everything from that old pair of rollerblades, household files, extra household items, old TVs, and even gym equipment takes refuge in your garage. Whether you’re someone who…Read More

  3. An image of a pink garage door.

    Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening

    Your garage door is one of the most used entrances/exits in your home. While it’s normal for some everyday wear and tear to happen, there are certain things that may happen to your garage that cause a need for more expert repairs. In this blog, we will be going over some of the reasons why your ga…Read More

  4. An image of a mother and daughter standing outside a home.

    Garage Safety For Families With Small Children

      No matter how large or small your family is, the safety of your children has always been one of your number one priorities. The garage is a busy area for all homes. Between both parents leaving and coming back from work, storing your children’s favorite bike, and housing your prized lawnmow…Read More

  5. An image of a red garage door with windows.

    Enhancing the Security of Your Garage Door

    We take security in our homes very seriously. We make sure that our windows are closed at night and our doors are locked tight, but we tend to neglect that the garage is also a highly targeted place within the home. We keep so many important things in our garage like our vehicles, important paperwor…Read More

  6. An image of a home with a garage door.

    How To Improve Home Access For Seniors

    Doors are one of the most important parts of our homes. They do so much for us and when they aren’t functioning properly they can be one of the biggest annoyances ever, especially if they’re impeding basic access for older adults. Instead of just letting these annoyances become something that yo…Read More

  7. An image of rain on a window.

    Protecting Your Car From The Rain

    Here in Florida, we’re no stranger to the rain. While it may be called the sunshine state, with the amount of rainfall that we get, it's important to understand that your car may need to be protected from the rain, too. In this blog post, we will be discussing some ways that you can easily protect…Read More

  8. An image of a blue car parked outside of a building.

    Why You Shouldn’t Just Park On The Street

    The whole point of a garage is to park your car in it right? Well, for many homeowners the garage becomes another storage room. It becomes home to all your old things that you plan on donating, any old paper files, and so much more. For this reason, you may find that you are no longer parking your c…Read More

  9. An image of a garage with a blue vintage car inside it.

    What An Automatic Garage Door Can Do For You

    Whether an automatic opening garage door is something that you’ve been wanting to add to your home or not, you can’t deny that it’s a device that would bring extreme convenience to your life. An automatic opening garage door is something that may not seem like it adds much, but this little lux…Read More

  10. An image of a yellow car in the sun.

    Protecting Your Car From The Sun

      We live in Florida, and here the sun is always shining! While we love the sunshine and all that it brings, the sun can damage your car, just like it can damage your skin. Instead of having to just deal with the potential that your car's exterior and interior may be damaged, there are somethin…Read More