The Cape Coral Experience


There’s no arguing it: there’s nothing better than a balmy Florida morning. The sun is shining, the water smells clean and fresh on the breeze and your skin already feels moist and alive. There’s something poetically full and exhilarating about the average Cape Coral morning. Every day here in our fair township is full of endless possibilities and unfortunately, one of those possibilities is a broken garage door opener.

Hopefully, you’re able to at least get the car out of the garage. If you’re not able to even open the door because a spring failure or something wrong with the tracks, giving a sharp tug on the release wire attached to your garage door opener will prove fruitless. What you need in this scenario is garage door repair.

Perhaps you’ve managed to get the garage door locked and it won’t budge after returning home in the middle of the night. Maybe you’re stuck after returning home for lunch to let the dog out. There’s no reason to fret, Door Doctor is open all the time to help you repair your garage door opener as soon as possible. Because without a functioning opener, you’ll be hard pressed to complete average functions throughout the day.

Customers Agree

Door Doctor is proud to be able to service our friends and neighbors and help them out of a bind when their garage or garage door opener isn’t working. In fact, we have a large selection of happy customers that will speak to our excellent customer service and reliable nature.

Contact The Best Garage Door Opener Repair in Cape Coral

Don’t pause, just hit the call button. We’re excited to hear from you and help you however we can and with remarkable expediency. We don’t want to waste your time, we know you’ve got places to be and your garage is holding your major means of transportation as a hostage. Reach out to us now for belt repair, garage door reinforcement and so much more now.

Cape Coral has fostered an undeniable appeal for everyone who visits Florida and eventually moves here. It’s the perfect bedroom community that’s constantly shielded by gorgeous palms, where the sun bathes everyone in warmth and appealing taut, tan skin. How did the community we love start?

The History of Cape Coral

In 1957, two brothers from Maryland flew over Red Fish point and were struck by the beauty of the area. By 1958, a league of real estate contractors were thoroughly enchanted by the area and started breaking ground on the pre-planned beginnings of Cape Coral. After years of building and knocking down, it became what we know today as home to nearly 183,365 people who all live in cozy houses and lead cozy lives in the beautiful Florida climate. In fact, there are a number of citizens who lead very important, noteworthy lives. Whether you work for a large company, or you’re just trying to make it by on the day-to-day grind you have little room for inconvenience in your life and that mainly includes garage door opener malfunctions.

Garage Door Opener Repair 101

As we’re all aware of, if you’re an able bodied person and think you’re pretty handy, it’s easy to get cocky. After all, you fixed your aunt’s sink that time it got plugged up after Thanksgiving dinner. How would it be different to operate on a simple pulley system like your own garage door opener? Actually, pretty difficult. Especially if you’re not one to look at the instructions. Unless you have an intimate understanding of how your garage door opener works. We’d caution you against messing with the inner workings. If it’s still a fairly new model, like one of the ones with amazing capabilities to hook up to your automated home system you’ll almost certainly void the warranty. In many cases, you’ll need to invest in a garage door repair company. That’s Door Doctor.

Our Repair Services

Door Doctor provides a wide variety of garage door opener repair services, which reveals exactly how complex they are. For example, we are one of the only garage door opener repair services that offers torsion spring repair. The torsion spring is probably the most important part of your garage door opener. It provides the resistance to help close the garage door at an even, measured pace and the strength to pull the garage door up and back into place. It’s the part that makes the convenience of a garage door opener possible. If it goes out. You’re in trouble. Because of the specially designed nature of a torsion spring, we highly recommend contacting the professional garage door opener repair services in Cape Coral to handle the issue.

Diagnosing The Problem

While there are three types of garage door openers, and they all may seem like rather simple machines, that is an illusion. Their workings are rather complex and a simple miscalculation can result in a grievous mistake. You could unbalance the torsion spring and leave the garage door with no hold, and the likelihood of misplacing or completely displacing a part is higher when a novice, or someone completely unfamiliar with the inner workings is meddling with it.

Have a Broken Cable or Belt?

If you’re on a ladder trying to puzzle through exactly how your garage door opener decided to stop working, you may notice that the belt or cable on the unit is broken or torn. In this scenario, you’ll need a replacement. The trouble however, is that you probably won’t be able to find the proper model belt or cable online. Many manufacturers would rather force you to buy a new unit once the main parts break, rather than try to fix it. It’s not in their interest to provide you with the means to fix it, as they stand to profit more if you purchase a new model. That’s entirely unnecessary, however, since Door Doctor can repair garage door openers, allowing them to remain within their warranty and order new parts for you that would otherwise be inaccessible to you.

Contact Door Doctor for Your Cape Coral Garage Door Opener Repairs

Whether it’s your torsion spring, or the door is locked and just won’t open, we’re here to help. Door Doctor prides ourselves on being able to provide you with a service that is both more manageable for your time schedule and an all around better deal. Don’t make your warranty lapse by working on your garage door opener yourself. Don’t try and talk on the phone with people from the manufacturer who aren’t willing to help. Enlist our assistance and side track all of that nonsense, because quite simply put, you don’t have the time for it.

Reach out to us today and make your appointment so you won’t have to suffer this inconvenience any longer.