1. Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Opener Issues

    It can be hard to determine when it’s time to contact the garage door opener specialists at Door Doctor in Cape Coral. It can be even more daunting to try and help them diagnose the issue or even get a sliver of information about how you can help the process of repairing the garage door proceed. D…Read More

  2. Garage Door Opener Innovations

    It’s admittedly pretty incredible how systematically technologies manage to surpass expectations nowadays. From interactive emojis on your smartphone to solar panel roofing shingles, things are moving incredibly quickly as far as everyday tech available to the commercial user. Because of this, it…Read More

  3. Spring Cleaning For Your Garage

    Spring has sprung and it’s time to get a fresh start on your projects around the house. You’ve dusted down the den, you’ve freshened up the family room, and buffed the bathroom. But aren’t you forgetting something? Yes, it’s time to get after the garage. But it can be a daunting process. W…Read More

  4. Common Garage Door Problems, Pt. 2

    In our last blog, we covered some of the most common garage door problems that any homeowner might experience at any time. In part two, we’ll cover a few more of these common problems. As always, if you’re in need of garage door repair in Cape Coral, contact Door Doctor, Inc. We’re the experts…Read More

  5. Common Garage Door Problems, Pt. 1

    We’ve all had that moment. Keys in hand, we head to the garage, pop open the door and push the garage door opener button, only for nothing to happen. Usually, there’s a dramatic unveiling of your driveway as your garage floods with the beautiful light of a sunny day in Cape Coral. But today, the…Read More

  6. Organize Your Garage with These Handy Tricks

    A garage is one of those rooms in your house that likes to suddenly and inexplicably accrue piles of stuff you don’t need right now, but might need later. Organizing them might look like a daunting task, but don’t worry--it’s about as tedious as organizing anything else, and even less so with …Read More

  7. The Nuances of Buying a Garage Door Opener

    Chain, belt, or screw driven openers used to be the only players in the garage door opener game. But residential jackshaft and direct drive are here to change the market. Chain Chain models have a chain like a bicycle chain that pushes or pulls a trolley that connects to a track attached to your doo…Read More

  8. A Guide to Garage Door Styles And Types

    There’s a good chance you won’t get bored trying to find a new garage door. Home improvement is a constantly expanding and innovating industry and they’ve created quite a few options for you in the way of new garage doors.   Styles: Sectional Garage Doors The most common type of door is The S…Read More