Barricaded By Your Garage Door? Let’s Troubleshoot

Getting locked in your own home because a simplistic machine won’t do its job is hardly the best way to start a day. While you’re waiting for your Uber to come and take you to work, you could start a little research though. Door Doctor has collected a variety of common garage door issues to help guide you through looking over your garage door opening unit and deducing what exactly the issue is with it.


The Garage Door Opener’s Motor Is Running, But The Door Isn’t Moving

This is one of the trickier troubleshooting tasks as a working motor but a malfunctioning pulley system can be attributed to a large number of issues. We’d urge you to check the plug your garage door opener is fitted into, as the extension might have come a little loose. Otherwise, your door might have come off the track, The emergency release could be disconnected and needs to be re-engaged with the tracker before it can start to work again. If it’s something to do with the springs, or something similar, we’d strongly recommend not attempting to interfere with the workings of the garage door opener as it could cause you harm.


The Opener Starts When I Push The Wall Button, But Not The Remote

Most of the time, this is merely a battery issue, but if you’ve replaced the battery and you’re still getting no results, it might be that there’s a circuit board problem within your garage door opener. If that’s the case you’ll likely at least need a new remote, but you may need a replacement part for your garage door opener.


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