Experienced Garage Door Opener Repair In Fort Myers

If your garage door opener just broke down this morning and you have to get to work, no matter what, we understand you can’t waste time troubleshooting the problem. While attempting to diagnose any issues over the internet is nearly always less than accurate, we can at least help you narrow down what the issue is before we come out and take a look.


To help you navigate your garage’s issues, we’ve gathered a couple of commonly asked questions that will help you deduce what’s really wrong with your garage door opener.


“My Garage Door Opener is Making Unusual Noises When Moving The Door”

At times, the hinges and rollers on the garage door itself might start to break down. Like any other machine, the components will need an oiling from time to time.  Using a high-quality lubricant, you can help the hinges and rubbing components move more quitely and easily. While you’re at it, check for any bad rollers or broken hinges as those may be the culprit instead. You can always contact us for your garage door opener’s maintenance and we can inspect the entire garage, from the enforcement to the springs and from the safety eyes to the rollers. We’ll be able to spot any current problem areas and any potential future component issues all at once. That will likely be easier than trying to puzzle it out yourself.


“My Garage Door Won’t Open Smoothly”

While it’s always possible that it’s your garage door opener itself, it’s likely the springs. The tension for most garage door springs is pretty high and, over time, can cause significant metal fatigue and really drag down the performance until it just snaps in half or stops working altogether. If your springs are rotten, your garage door opener will have to work twice as hard to get the door up and down which will inevitably result in the need for replacement parts for the opener and potentially a replacement garage door opener.

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