An image of bikes hanging in a garage.

Household garages hold so much more than just our cars. For most of us, we tend to use our garages as another storage room. Everything from that old pair of rollerblades, household files, extra household items, old TVs, and even gym equipment takes refuge in your garage. Whether you’re someone who keeps items of worth or value in your garage, you should be aware that garages are very common targets for thieves. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the top items that get stolen and how you can protect yourself. Keep reading to learn more! 


Starting off, why is it that garages are highly targeted versus other areas of your home? Garages are easily accessible and pose less of a risk for thieves than breaking into the home itself. Garages are also relatively easy to get into. If the garage door cannot be manually opened itself, there is usually a side door that is either unlocked or can be picked very easily. Since garages are such low hanging fruit for thieves, it’s best that you don’t keep anything of value in your garage and if you do, that you make sure your garage is as secure as possible. 



Bikes are some of the most commonly stolen items from garages. Bicycles take up a lot of room, which is why they are usually stored outside or in the garage. While it may seem like a lot of work, locking your bike while it’s still inside your garage is a great way to prevent it from being stolen. If your bike is just laying on the side of the garage, it can be easily picked up and taken by thieves. Locking your bike with a strong metal lock will prevent it from being stolen. It will also be a lot more work for thieves to steal and if you get a strong enough lock, they won’t have the tools to break the lock leaving you protected. No matter how fancy your bike is, bikes can be worth a decent chunk of money which is why they’re targeted so often. Even a simple children’s bike can be valued for hundreds of dollars. Depending on how much you value your bike, you may want to keep it in the house (a basement is a great option) or lock it up in your garage. 


Electric Power Tools 

Whether you’re a skilled mechanic or not, electric power tools are also highly targeted. You may not think that anyone would be interested in that old electric drill but power tools can be resold and pawned. While they may not be worth that much, money is still money and for a thief, they will take anything that they can get. If you have newer tools, they’re worth even more so if you have a collection, you may want to consider locking them or storing them in a safe area. Leaving them out also leaves them susceptible to be used by children, which is a huge safety hazard. Not only will you be protecting your kids from potential injury but you’ll also be protecting them from being stolen. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!


Older Electronics 

Similarly to your power tools, older electronics like speakers, iPods, mp3 players, laptops, and TVs can all be pawned and sold for relatively high amounts of money. Depending on how large these electronics are, if they’re in plain sight they can be very tempting especially if your garage has large windows. Even if they’re hidden away if a thief finds one they will know that you have more which then encourages them to rummage through your belongings. If you have any electronics that are worth high amounts of money, consider moving them inside and away from the garage. Garages can also be harmful to electronics since the temperatures aren’t regulated in them. Here in Florida it can get hot and humid, and leaving your electronics in these high temperatures can leave them damaged. 



If you decide to leave your guns in the garage you need to make sure that they are completely secure and in a safe lock box or storage space. Many people keep hunting rifles and other weapons in the garage without realizing the high value they have for thieves. Guns have extremely high street value and can be sold for way more than their worth. Not only are they easy to sell, but they can also cost you thousands of dollars to replace. You can even get into legal trouble if these weapons are then traced back to you, the legal owner. If you have to store your guns in the garage, make sure they are in a safe that is made for holding guns. Never leave your guns out anywhere where people have access to them.


Valuable Documents 

Since we tend to use our garages like storage rooms, we may be holding important files in our garages. These valuable documents can be anything from passports, bank statements, legal documents, and other important things. Not only can these documents be used for identity theft but they can also give thieves access to your personal information and money. Store your important documents in an area that is inside the home and that is locked. 


Make sure that your garage door is working properly, this will also help keep thieves out. If your garage is malfunctioning or needs repairs, it’s ten times easier for thieves to get in and out without you even knowing. Keep your garage and everything in it safe by maintaining a properly functioning garage door. If you’re needing repairs, replacement, or have other garage door issues make sure to make Door Doctor, INC, your number one call. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help you!