It may be a 21st-century issue, but garage doors and the garage door opener inside your garage can be pretty loud and obnoxious. You’d think since we’re just about to get automated cars on a wide-spread level, you would hope that they’d be able to figure a way out to open a garage door at 6 AM without a symphony of crackling metal and loud bangs. If your significant other has been complaining incessantly about the racket the garage door opener makes when you’re leaving for work at the crack of dawn, what are you supposed to do? Tell your boss you need to come into work later? Of course not, you’re going to have to figure out a way to quiet the thing down. We’ve got a few tips that could potentially shed a ray of light on how to keep your significant other and your boss happy with a more serene morning.

Start With The Door

Sometimes, it’s not the garage door opener so much as the garage door itself. Since the racket the door makes is still happening whether it’s a repair issue for the garage door opener of the garage door you might have to think outside the box. Start with trying the bolts on the door. You should be able to utilize a socket wrench or an adjustable wrench to tighten all the nuts on the door and the track itself. You’ll need everything to be nice and tight, but definitely, don’t over-tighten anything. If that doesn’t work, we’ve got more for you.

Turn to the Rollers

If your garage door still sounds like a portal opening instead of just the garage, you might need to take a look at the rollers on the garage itself. Old metal rollers that are installed on most older garage doors will often make quite a bit of noise when they roll the door up. Try rolling the garage up and down a few times manually and see if you can identify it as the source of the noise itself. If you can’t tell but the rollers look fairly worn down, it’s probably time to replace them. In general, your typical garage door has five sections and will need 12 rollers. We recommend nylon rollers instead of metal rollers if you’re serious about cutting down the racket. They don’t need lubrication and they’re pretty quiet.

Look to The Garage Door Opener

If those efforts prove fruitless, you’ll be able to install a new garage door opener of a much quieter variety — perhaps a belt-drive model that will significantly quiet the opening and closing of the garage door down. Since you’ve taken a number of precautions to make the door much quieter, we think you’ll find the belt drive garage door opener will be remarkably quiet and will be well worth the investment. If you’re interested in replacing your garage door opener check out our line of products. Door Doctor is well equipped to install your garage door opener and take care of your old model for you. When you’re ready to make your mornings quieter for yourself and your significant other, or even just whomever you share the house with, contact us. We’re eager to help you in whatever way we can.