The hardest part about scheduling a garage door opener installation or repair is figuring out the time frame. If you’re getting ready to try and invest your own time into replacing your garage door opener, we’d caution against it for several reasons. But, if you still feel the need to try your hand at the job before attempting to hire a garage door opener installation crew, we’ll do our best to explain what a time commitment the task will become.

Analyzing the Job

Even though garage door openers are, strictly speaking, simple machines, you’re still looking at a pretty complex installation process. For most installation jobs it’ll take pros quite a bit of time, for the layman installer it can take anywhere between 6 to 8 hours. There are a large number of parts and understanding what all of these things do, as well as where they go, is a key component of having a smooth installation process. There is no standard installation process as, depending on the model you might be operating (a belt, a screw or a chain track) that will require different installation parts as well as understanding the specific needs of your model. Some require wifi setup, others will require an understanding of the rolling code function that increases the garage openers security. Still, others will need special accommodations to fix their smart technology to the motor so you can connect the system to your smart home automation. Analyzing all of these moving parts before getting started will entail reading through the 70-page long guidebook. We suggest doing this the night before trying installation and having the guidebook on hand while attempting the installation.


Start by finding the electrical outlet that you’re going to plug the garage door opener into. You won’t be able to use an extension cord if the outlet isn’t close enough and if the outlet isn’t grounded, you’re going to have a much more complex installation process ahead of you. The other major determining factor that will let you know just how much time this project will be is whether you’re installing a new unit entirely or replacing an old garage door opener as well. Although the take-down process might seem longer, it might make the installation simpler as you could use the old supports for the new garage door opener. If you’re starting from scratch determining exactly how the supports should hang might actually be one of the most difficult portions of the whole job. If you’re merely replacing the unit, be sure not to attempt to reuse any of the old components as they probably aren’t compatible past the initial bracket installation that will hold the unit up for you.

Tricky Steps to Avoid

The biggest investment with any garage door opener installation project is always the time involved, so to limit the amount of time you have to spend attempting to understand what should be a simple pulley system, we have a few tips to aid you. Always make sure your garage door is balanced before attempting to install the garage door opener. To gauge this, try opening the door halfway and then let it go. If it doesn’t move, it’s perfectly balanced. If the door is not balanced, it’ll be hard for your garage door opener to do its work and you’ll need to repair it soon.

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