There is always a litany of reasons to get something new. When you’re shopping at Best Buy and you get to see all of the new perks and gadgets it can be hard to logically deduce if you truly do need a new appliance or flat screen TV, or if you just really want  that one you’re looking at that you can have right now for $0 down. While you may not, necessarily, need a new curved flat screen TV, you might actually need a replacement garage door opener. Since it’s hard to determine whether you’re looking at the bells and whistles or if you really need something new, Door Doctor has designed a guide to help you know when you really do need a new garage door opener, rather than when you’re just craving the ability to close your garage door when you’re five minutes away from work and open it when you’re three minutes away from home.

The Security

Unfortunately, the bottom line in regard to garage door security is that most folks use the garage door passage as the main entrance to their home and they’re likely to not lock the door. Who could get in, right? Many people. In fact, anyone with a smartphone on them that wants to look up a tutorial of “How To Get In Through The Garage Door When You Lock Yourself Out.” Older garage door openers are especially easy to break into. We did a whole blog series on just how easy it can be for a burglar to pop into your garage and slide through the unlocked door of your home to access your possessions and anything else you’ve left within. If you’re concerned about the security of your garage, do check out our previous blog on the matter, but the best thing you could do is invest in a safer, better garage door opener.

On top of a litany impressive security updates, they also have the noticeable improvement of what’s called a “rolling code” feature. Essentially, if your garage door opener currently has a remote, it uses a specific code for communication between the remote and the opener, since that code never changes throughout the life of the garage door opener, it’s an easily accessed number. With rolling code technology, the code that your remote control and opener share is constantly changing, thus making it harder to hack. Additionally, there are also a number of smart garage door openers that can connect to your locked wifi and will communicate with your phone to allow access into the garage.

Backup Batteries

Our beloved Cape Coral is sometimes known for its propensity for pretty serious storms. Because of our locale, we always recommend a garage door opener with a battery backup. If your current model does not have a battery backup, we sincerely encourage investing in the upgrade. Essentially if a power outage occurs while you’re not in your house, the battery backup will ensure that you can still get your family and your car indoors without having to worry if the garage door opener has power or not.

Replace Your Garage Door Opener With Us

Leave your replacement to the pros. We’ll happily guide you in the garage door opener buying process and readily let you know if your current garage door opener is only in need of repair. Reach out to us when you’re ready to upgrade your opener. We’re excited to hear from you.