It’s no huge shocker that Craftsman Garage door openers are widely regarded as the most popular garage door opener on the market. They’re simplistic, they offer DIY installation, plenty of replacement parts and a varied set of options as far as belt drives, screw drives and other types. Whether or not they’re the best models available on the market is neither here or there, as the odds are that the price point will determine what kind of garage door opener you ultimately decide on. As the premier residential garage door opener repair company that offers placement services, we figure that it’s our duty to guide you in purchasing your next model. We want to see you model last a long time, and we want to be able to offer your options when you call us later to ask why it won’t work for you. We’ll happily guide you in why to buy a Craftsman and how to handle it once you have made the purchase.

Troubleshooting Your New or Old Garage Door Opener

There’s nothing worse than a broken garage door opener. Picture it: you’ve had a long day, you come home, slide into the drive and press the trusty button on your visor once, twice, three times before you throw up your hands and look hard at the door as if intimidation might work. Maybe you can glare the garage door opener into performing much like you discouraged that woman from nearly cutting into the Subway line in front of you at lunch today. Perhaps, the sheer force of your will might make that garage door opener open the door. Instead, you end up climbing out of your car and leaving it on the driveway all night where it’s collecting rain spatters after you took it for a car wash. We know it’s a 21st-century problem, but that doesn’t make it any less of a problem. If your garage door breaks down entirely, it might not let you open the garage door at all and you’ll be forced to make that repair or replacement call. Before you make that call, if you can check a few boxes to ensure that you’ve got the gist of the issue already figured out, the less it’ll cost you to repair the opener.

Before Your Call The Garage Door Opener Repairman

The best place to start with a Craftsman garage door opener is the manual. They’re pretty decent at writing the manuals for their various models. If you don’t have yours on hand anymore, you should be able to find your model number and type it into your search engine to find itl. It’ll help you puzzle out what might be the problem before Door Doctor gets there to make the repairs. If we have a better idea of what your model is prone to and how the inner workings are miscommunicating, we’ll be able to fix it much faster. It’s akin to having a certain ailment and being able to describe the exact symptoms the doctor needs to hear to be able to provide an accurate diagnosis.

After Your Troubleshoot Your Garage Door Opener

When you’ve got a couple of things it could be based on how it’s reacting to you, you’re ready to give us a call. Contact Door Doctor for all of your garage door repair and replacement needs whenever you need them. We’re eager to help you in whatever way we can.