Craftsman garage door openers are probably one of the most common versions of residential garage door openers. They’re sold at Sears stores everywhere, you can find them online, with spare parts readily available and they’re getting more cutting edge by the minute. With new safety features and ways to intelligently connect your garage door opener to your home automation system, it’s not a huge leap to guess why they’re so popular. Since we’re your residential garage door opener repair and replacement experts in Cape Coral, we’re happy to show you how to tell a good garage door opener model from one that you should pass on.

Shopping For a Garage Door Opener

Be sure to shop through the variety of different types that Craftsman offers. Some will have the capability to become smart-home optimized, others will have it already installed. Above and beyond that, if you’re looking to replace your garage door opener, you ought to reevaluate if a different type of garage door opener could suit your needs more than another kind. If you’re more concerned about not waking up the baby whose nursery is above the garage, you might think of investing in a belt-drive garage door opener as they’re much quieter. Once you’ve got a general model picked out, go ahead and browse the online options to see what will accommodate your family best as far as keypad access, the number of remotes, and smart home capabilities, or lack thereof.

Potentially Installing a Garage Door Opener

Just because Craftsman garage door openers are popular, doesn’t mean they aren’t easy to mess up. When a garage door opener installation goes incorrectly, you lose your valuable time to troubleshooting, in addition to the entire half day you’ve set aside to try and install the device. You’re also potentially be setting the device up to put more stress on certain parts than others. Much like when you’re walking or running incorrectly, you’re putting unnecessary stresses on certain joints and, thus, they wear out faster. It works similarly with garage door openers. As a side note, most garage door opener manufacturers will make two versions of their garage door opener models: one for professionals and one for DIY-ers. Oftentimes, the professional models are designed so that professionals can install the unit faster, and better than a DIY-er can. Often, in DIY models, there will be certain differences in the model that might affect the device’s eventual longevity.

Don’t Take a Chance, Invest In Professional Garage Door Opener Installation

Our professional garage door installation crew is not only renowned as customer service oriented and friendly, we’re also the most experienced in Cape Coral. Our specialty installations have earned us our badge as the Top Rated Local® Garage Door Opener crew around. From smart home automation syncing to regular garage door opener installation, there’s no job we won’t be able to advise on based on your budget and needs. Reach out to us for all of your garage door opener repair and replacement needs. We’re eager to hear from you.