When you buy a new appliance for your house, it’s hard to visualize it ever breaking down. It seems like when you buy a fridge, that fridge will be by your side for the life of the house. When one of these appliances suddenly needs repair, it can definitely throw off your game. Whoever plans for something as permanent and totally needed as your garage door opener, breaking down? What if you need a new one? All of these generally unplanned inconveniences have a tendency to send people into a tailspin. While we can’t help you if that refrigerator breaks down, we can help if your garage door breaks down. Limit your time spent getting out of your car and manually tugging your garage door up by contacting Door Doctor for garage door opener repair and replacements

New Garage Door Openers

Whenever you set out to replace an appliance it looks like there have been three different variations added since you last shopped for one of these. Do you need these extra bells and whistles? Does a garage door opener that walks your dog in the rain exist yet? Cause they have been promising that for some time now. The best way to start this shopping process is to analyze your actual needs. As far as power, safety features, and extension kits, those can wait to be determined once you have a better idea of what’s up for grabs in your price range. In order to determine what you need, you should have a better understanding of the various metrics they’ll use to rate these garage door openers you’ll be browsing.

What is Horsepower?  

If you’re used to parking a Mustang or a Porsche beneath your once working garage door opener, then you’re familiar with horsepower, but probably not in terms of a garage door opener. As you’d expect, in regard to your complex pulley system that initiatesyour garage door at the push of a button, the horsepower behind your garage door opener’s motor has to be proportionate to the weight of your garage door. The metrics are simple, if your garage door is over 20’ in width then you’re going to need a ½ hp opener. The horsepower will control how fast it can tug that door up for you. In this respect, it’s better to go for an opener that’s a touch overpowered for your door so that you aren’t waiting a full 10 minutes for the door to clear the roof of your car. In general, your opener should probably live your garage door at a rate of 6 to 8 inches every second. The ½ horsepower is most popular because it can lift pretty much any door at the pace you’re hoping for. The ¾ horsepower is recommended for more heavily insulated doors and it’s known for having a better longevity than the ½ horsepower openers. But the best option by far is the one horsepower option. It’s known for the best power/efficiency ratio and has the speed you’ve always wished for. So, when you’re trying to set your price range, keep in mind how fast you want that door to come up and how quiet you want it to be.

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