For many homeowners, the garage might be seen as a dingy, dusty, kinda dirty space where they happen to store their car. Yes, the garage can seem rather dungeon-like at times, and having a dirty concrete floor certainly helps to set that atmosphere. While carrying out our garage door opener repairs, the folks at Door Doctor, Inc. have gotten to spend a lot of time in these dingy dungeons, and have come up with ways to brighten up your garage in Cape Coral. In our last blog, we gave you spring cleaning tips. Today, we’ll talk about painting your garage floor.

Go Gaugin On Your Garage

Your garage doesn’t have to be an artistic masterpiece to benefit from some paint. There are a lot of reasons you should paint your garage floor.

Your Garage and Cars Stay Cleaner

Many garages have a seemingly never-ending supply of dust settled across everything. No matter how often you sweep or use these items, they always seem to be kinda grimy. It’s hard to believe it, but most of this dust likely comes from your garage floor. Unfinished concrete is constantly producing dust and trapping dirt. With use, the concrete slowly breaks down, and only serves to produce more dust. Any time you pull your car in or out or step into the garage, you disturb that dust and kick it into the air. A coat of paint traps this dust and keeps the concrete from breaking down as quickly.

Brighten Your Garage Up

One of the reasons that your garage might resemble a scene from a horror film is because of the lighting. Concrete absorbs light and gives the garage that dim character. A painted floor usually has some level of glossiness to it, so it actually reflects the light. The result is that your garage appears brighter, and cleaner. This effect is amplified if your garage door has windows in it. Your garage will feel brighter without the addition of any extra lights.

Dirt Cheap Fix For Your Dirty Floor

Concrete floor paint is inexpensive, and even the stronger two-part floor epoxy paints can be had for less than $70. You’ll spend that much on a few trips to the movies, so why not take an easy afternoon and paint your garage? In the long run, it’ll keep you from having to constantly clean your concrete covered car.

Protect Your Floors

Let’s face it, the garage floor is subjected to a lot of hard use. Drips and leaks from your car leave unsightly marks on the concrete, and there’s a mysterious stain leftover from when a bag of yard trimmings stayed in the garage for a week too long. Concrete floor paints are designed to resist oil stains, chemicals, water, mold, and mildew. With a tough layer of epoxy paint on your floor, you’ll be able to wipe all of these messes up with a sponge or mop. With a painted garage floor, you won’t have to worry about the garage floor when you start replacing the oil on your car.

Gosh, Your Garage Looks Good

Sometimes there’s no denying that a coat of paint can make anything look good. Beat up sheds, outdated home decor, even your bicycle can all benefit from some fresh paint now and then, and the same applies to your garage floor. You’ll be surprised how much nicer your garage looks, and you’ll enjoy stepping foot in your brighter, happier garage!

Show Off Your Work

Once your floor is painted, you’ll want to show off your handy work to the entire neighborhood! You’ll want to make sure that your garage door works as good as your floors look, so call the repair experts at Door Doctor, Inc. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re Cape Coral’s preferred garage door opener repair specialists. Schedule your repairs today!