Your garage door provides three functions for your home or business. They are security, convenience, and aesthetics. A garage door that’s well built and properly secured provides you security equal to that of a castle. A garage door that operates smoothly creates an extra layer of convenience in your day. A garage door that looks good enhances the look of not only your building but the buildings around you.

However, a garage door is first and foremost a mechanical object. In fact, it’s the largest appliance and the largest moving object in your home, and its smooth operation all depends on a number of parts working together in harmony. One of the most common issues people run into are problems related to broken and torn cables.

If your garage door won’t move at all, gets stuck, or becomes crooked, the first culprit to investigate are the cables. They are usually attached to the drum located at the top of the door, and their job is to support the weight of the door as it goes upwards and downwards. It sounds like a simple thing to replace this component, but there have been numerous cases of homeowners attempting a repair themselves and sustaining severe injuries.

When the cables for your garage door run into issues, the smart move is to contact a professional. At Door Doctor, that’s what we’re all about. For over 20 years, we’ve serviced hundreds of clients in Lee County, and with over three decades of professional experience, you can trust we’ll repair or replace the cables quickly and correctly. If you have questions or you’re ready to book service, contact us today.