Garages doors can weigh up to 400 lbs. For them to open, a number of parts need to work together with one another. Like any other mechanical system, parts will eventually break or wear out over time. If it’s the gear and the sprocket that’s no longer working on your garage door opener, then you’ll need it replaced. They connect the motor to the chain or belt.

The springs on the garage door will eventually weaken, putting stress on the bushing. As the bushing wears down on top of the unit, the teeth of the gear will slowly grind down. Once the teeth have become fully worn, the gear that powers the belt or chain can no longer turn. The end result is a motor that runs, but a stuck garage door opener.

Our garage door opener repair company is familiar with this sort of repair. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have performed these kinds of fixes multiple times. If you’re in need of service or you have questions, contact us by phone or online today.


Why Do Gears and Sprockets Break?

The simplest answer is that most issues are caused by a combination of time, friction, and pressure. The garage door opener is responsible for controlling the elements of your garage door system that do all the heavy lifting. Over time, pressure from all that weight plus the added friction of hauling up the cables that support your heavy garage doors means that things will inevitably grind and wear out.

Just because your garage door won’t open or close doesn’t automatically mean that the root issue is a broken gear and sprockets. When you call Door Doctor, we want to start by getting to the root of the issue before we dive into repairs. We’ll inspect your garage door opener, but we’ll also check the doors and cables to make sure damage didn’t happen somewhere else. We’ll also check for any elements in the garage door opener that may have played a role in the damage. That way, even after your garage door opener repair is done, you can trust that your system will keep working for years to come.

If your garage door opener isn’t working, give us a call to schedule service.