A garage door system isn’t just designed to open and close your door with the click of a button. Back in the old days, opening up a garage door had to be done by hand. So you’d have to get out of your car, tightly grasp the handle on the bottom of the door, and pull. If you were doing this during a snowstorm or torrential rain, well, you’d be pretty motivated to lift the door faster.

But also, back in the day, opening a garage door could be loud, and there could frequently be some kind of resistance. So imagine getting home late, you’re struggling with the door in the dark, and the racket is so loud that you’re waking up the neighbors. Luckily, garage door rollers were developed.

These rollers can be made with nylon wrapped steel, plastic, or steel with or without ball bearings. The rollers run on tracks installed on the side of the doorway and they not only hold the door in the correct alignment and position, but they also decrease resistance. So the smoother your rollers are, the less resistance they will experience going up and down.

Like any other part, rollers will wear out and break. You can try to reinstall them yourself, or you can contact the professionals. Door Doctor has been proudly serving Lee County for over two decades. Roller replacement is a very common kind of service we perform, and we can handle it properly and for a price that’s fair. To schedule service or if you just have questions, contact us today!