In the middle of storms, blazing heat, or in the middle of the night, our garage doors offer us convenience and comfort. That is, they’re supposed to offer those things presuming everything is working in concert. But it’s a sad fact that every year, approximately 30,000 people are seriously hurt in accidents involving their garage doors.

The garage door industry has done what it can to reduce injuries and increase safety, and one of the most important technical innovations is the safety eye. This pair of sensors is designed to keep a look out for unexpected obstructions. One sensor sends an invisible beam towards the other. If an obstruction blocks the progress of the beam, the sensor will immediately stop the door from moving.

It’s usually plugged into an outlet in your garage, but with traffic caused by kids, pets, and yourself, the plug to the outlet can easily be unplugged accidentally. Also, sometimes the delicate sensors can get dusty or smudged, which can interfere with operation, and other times they simply won’t work at all or work erratically.

Door Doctor has been serving Lee County for over 20 years, and we make it a point to stay current with all technological innovations in the garage door industry. If your safety eye needs to be repaired or replaced entirely, no matter what model you have, we can absolutely help. If you have questions or you’re ready to book service, contact us today.