In our last blog, we covered some of the most common garage door problems that any homeowner might experience at any time. In part two, we’ll cover a few more of these common problems. As always, if you’re in need of garage door repair in Cape Coral, contact Door Doctor, Inc. We’re the experts in garage door openers, and we can fix your garage door in no time flat.

You Need To Set Limits With Your Garage Door

Much like rowdy children or unruly pets, your garage door needs to have limits set. Your garage door opener has what’s called a limit setting, and sometimes, it needs to be adjusted. The limit setting tells you how far the door needs to move to close fully. If these settings are off, the garage door will hit the ground before the opener thinks it should. It will perceive this as having run into an object and will open again to prevent damaging something.

Your Garage Door Is Off Track

If your garage door track is out of alignment, this is a serious issue. In order for your garage door opener to function properly, the metal track the door runs on needs to be aligned properly. If you can see gaps between the rollers and rail, or even bends in the rail, you should call a garage repair technician right away. Over time, the immense weight of the door itself can worsen this issue, and make your door dangerous to operate.

You And Your Garage Aren’t Connecting

Every garage door is equipped with a disconnect switch. So if you hit the button to engage your garage door opener, and the motor runs for the time it takes to open the door but the door doesn’t open, it’s likely because the disconnect switch has been engaged. This switch is there in case your home loses power. It allows you to open or close the garage door manually until the power is returned.

Your Garage Door Is Locked Up

If you hit the button to open your garage door, and the motor runs but then shuts off seconds later, your garage door might be manually locked. Many garage doors, older ones especially, come with a manual lock for added home security. Typically, there is a knob or handle in the middle of the door that can be flipped to lock the garage door from the inside. It can be easy to bump into these knobs and accidentally engage the lock. For a simple fix, flip the knob, and unlock the garage door.

You’re Just Not Sure What’s Wrong

Is your garage door making a strange noise when it opens? Are panels falling out of it? Is the motor whirring away, but not doing anything? Are you just confused as to what’s going on? Take a deep breath, pick up the phone, and call the garage repair experts in Cape Coral. Door Doctor Inc. will send a repair technician to your home within 24 hours. We’ll make sure you can get into your garage without issue. We offer garage door opener and repair services whenever you need them!