An image of a red garage door with windows.

We take security in our homes very seriously. We make sure that our windows are closed at night and our doors are locked tight, but we tend to neglect that the garage is also a highly targeted place within the home. We keep so many important things in our garage like our vehicles, important paperwork, bikes, and other items that are usually worth a lot both personally and financially. Instead of leaving the valuables in your garage unprotected, there are some simple things that you can do in order to protect your valuables. Keep reading to learn more! 


Keep Your Garage Door Opener With You 

If you have an automatic garage door opener, most of us keep that remote in our cars. It’s always somewhere that is easily accessible to us like in the cup holder, on top of the dash, or even clipped onto the sun visor. When you keep your garage door opener somewhere predictable, it can be easily stolen out of your car. Once someone has access to your garage door opener, they can easily get into your garage whenever they want. Instead of keeping it somewhere visible, try and get into the habit of keeping your garage door opener with you. Keeping your garage door opener in the house makes you way less susceptible to thieves. 


Keep Your Windows Frosted 

The windows at the top of garage may seem harmless, but leaving those windows open allows people to easily look inside your garage. Leaving everything out in the open can be a big temptation for thieves. Instead, frost your windows. Frosting your windows allows you to keep the natural light and appearance of your garage while still keeping your personal belongings safe. Frosting your windows may also help regulate the temperatures in your garage which is an added benefit too. 


Keep A Radio or Sound On

One of the biggest traits of an occupied garage is sound. Keeping a radio on in your garage can easily ward of any potential threats due to the notion that there is someone probably listening to that radio nearby. Think about it. If you’re trying to sneak around somewhere and you heard sound? You’d probably leave right away too. Keeping an old radio is a great way to add security within your garage, and chances are you probably have an old radio lying around anyways! 


Keep An Alarm In Your Garage 

Just like we keep alarm systems in our home, keep one in your garage. A motion sensor alarm in your garage is something that can be easily added and increase the security in your garage. Protect your car, your garage, and everything else in it. 


Replace or Repair Your Garage Door

If your garage door is faulty or needs repairs, it can easily be broken down and broken into. Keep your belongings safe by keeping your garage door strong and up to date. We know that it can be easy to push off repairs, but keeping your garage door in tip-top shape is vital if you want your items inside to be protected. Don’t leave things to chance, instead contact Door Doctor, INC. We’ve had over 30 years of industry experience and have been proudly serving the Lee County area. No matter what your issue is, we can help! Keep your home and belongings safe this season. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can help you!