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No matter how large or small your family is, the safety of your children has always been one of your number one priorities. The garage is a busy area for all homes. Between both parents leaving and coming back from work, storing your children’s favorite bike, and housing your prized lawnmower, the garage is an area that frequently sees tons of action. Generally speaking, the garage is usually a safe space for children, as long as they are maintained and you’re aware of proper safety. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the top hazards that may be found in your garage and how to keep your garage a safe place. Keep reading to learn more. 


Test Your Sensor Frequently 

Starting off, many families have some type of automatic garage door. These automatic garage doors have sensors that will cause the door to reopen if something is under it. This sensor is highly important because it could be the difference between a crushed toy, or even worse a crushed limb. Garage doors may not be heavy to us adults, but for a child, it could lead to a very serious physical injury. You want to be sure to test out your garage door’s sensor every once in a while. You can easily do this by placing something like a cardboard box or an old plastic bin in the area that the garage door is going to close and then attempt to close it. If your door does not go back up once it comes in contact with the item, call your local garage door repair company immediately. It’s also important to make sure that your children are always within sight when you’re opening or closing the door until the sensor is repaired. Children can dart out of nowhere and be hit by the door or even become trapped under it. 


Moving Vehicles 

Many children have been seriously injured or have even lost their lives because they ran behind or crawled under a car that was being backed out of a garage or driveway. Accidents can happen and the blind spots that cars have don’t help either. Instead of taking the risk, implementing the rule that everyone has to stand in a certain spot, like by the front door or walkway, can easily eliminate this issue. Parents can also establish some type of “cue” whenever they may be ready to move a vehicle. This can help alert the children and any other adults that are present too. It’s something simple that can easily save a life. Establishing this rule can also help children and adults be aware of themselves when playing or working in the garage and driveway. Especially if your home has other people such as friends, maintenance workers, or anyone else who may be driving a large vehicle. 


Supervise Children Playing In Cars 

If your children are playing in the garage, especially where there is a parked vehicle, they may be tempted to go play in it. A good rule of thumb is that your children are only allowed to play in the car if you’re supervising and able to keep eyes on them. Children should also never have the keys to your car. Children tend to be great imitators and may even turn on the car. Allowing children to play inside cars, especially when unsupervised puts them at risk of all sorts of things. From door slams or crushed fingers in the window, keep your children safe and out of the car when you’re not using it. 


Children who play in the car are also susceptible to accidental lock-ins or hyperthermia due to the high heat that can be inside a car. The hot Florida sun can easily make temperatures rise inside a car to dangerously hot temperatures. Keep your children safe and only allow them to play in the car if an adult is there to supervise. 


Never Leave A Running Car in The Garage or Driveway

This may seem like common sense but even leaving your child in the car while you go run in to grab something can be dangerous. Exhaust fumes are very dangerous and can build up quickly, especially if the garage door is down. Leaving your car on with a child inside can also lead to them pushing or pressing buttons that may put the car in gear. No matter how quick you may think you’ll be, always take the keys out of the ignition and never leave your car running with your child inside of it. 


Other Dangerous Chemicals 

We tend to keep a lot of things in our garages and many times they end up being just another storage room. If you look around your garage it’s probably housing all types of dangerous substances and chemicals. If you have any of the following products or chemicals such as: 

  • Gasoline
  • Fertilizer 
  • Car cleaners  
  • Antifreeze
  • Bug spray and pesticides 
  • Grill lighter fluid 
  • Ice melt 
  • Motor oil
  • Paint and paint thinner 
  • Propane


Keep these items out of sight and reach of children. Locking them away in a separate area is an even better idea since it gives only one person access, you. You never want to put a toxic substance in something other than its original container either. We know it may be tempting to put some extra motor oil or paint thinner in another container and keep it conveniently stored near your workspace, but if it is in a container that is mismarked or labeled incorrectly your child will not know the difference. 


Store Your Power Tools Safely 

Our garages tend to house our tools as well. Both small and large power tools should be stored away from the reach of children. We recommend larger items be stored in a cupboard or firmly attached to the walls. Smaller items can go in boxes and bins that can be easily locked away.


Maintain Your Garage Door

From sensor checking to proper function of the door, you want to be sure to maintain the health of your garage door. If it isn’t working properly or malfunctioning, don’t put it off. Contact Door Doctor, INC, today. As the number one garage door repair choice for Lee Country, we are here to help you. From proper maintenance and repair to installing automatic systems and more, let us help keep your garage a safe place for everyone in your family. If you’re experiencing a faulty garage door, don’t wait, connect with us and see how we can help you today! Remember, a properly maintained garage door can be the difference in the safety for you and those who matter most.