An image of the sun shining through palm trees.

It’s summertime! Which means that the hot weather is in full effect, especially here in Florida. With all the humidity, hot temperatures, and thunderstorms that can occur, it’s no doubt that it can have a harsh effect on your garage door. At Door Doctor Inc, we understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than a garage door that doesn’t work or one that’s having issues. You find yourself racing to the front door with a handful of grocery bags and discover that your clean car now has been pelted with bird droppings. When you have a garage door problem, you need it to be fixed quickly and efficiently, which is exactly what we do here! Today we will be going over some of the most common summer weather occurrences and how they can affect your garage door. Let’s take a look. 



Here in Florida, we are no stranger to the intense humidity that the summer weather can bring. While we may love the moisture that humidity brings to our skin, we don’t love it as much for our garage doors. Humidity and a smooth frictionless motion do not go together. In fact, they’re pretty much enemies. While Florida is prone to high humidity during the entire year, in the summer when it’s extra hot and humid, you may find that your garage door is sticking, not sliding up and down smoothly, or it’s getting stuck. If you’re feeling handy, you can always try and get some garage door lubricant and lubricate all your garage door parts at least once a month so that they move smoothly. Just be careful not to use too much, or it could cause your door to slide off the tracks, which can lead to even more problems. If all this sounds like too much work, call us! We’ll do the heavy lifting for you.


Direct Sun Rays  

Florida is sunny all year round, but when the days get longer and the sun is out for more of the day, you may find that your garage door sensor becomes pickier when it comes to opening and closing your garage door. The sensor that lets your garage door know when it needs to open so that it doesn’t crush anything can’t always tell the difference from a direct sunray and an actual obstruction. This can also cause your garage door to open randomly. If you’re having this problem, sometimes there’s not much you can do about it. You can try to DIY some shades out of sturdy material that may help protect your senors from direct sunlight, or you can try adjusting the position of the sensors. 


Direct sun rays can also cause the paint on your garage door to fade faster than it normally would. While this doesn’t affect the actual function of your garage door, the appearance of your garage door is also important. Don’t forget to show your garage door some love with a fresh coat of paint every now and then! 



If you’ve got a quality garage door, it should be able to stand up to the average summer thunderstorm without any problems. However, due to the intensity that the summer rains can bring, you may find that your power has been knocked out. If the power goes out, make sure that you know how to open and close the garage door manually, especially if you may have left the door open before the storm hit. Make sure all your belongings are protected! 

At Door Doctor Inc, we specialize in all types of repairs, summer weather-related or not. We get the job done right while still offering you a fair price, which has allowed us to be the number one choice for garage door repair in Lee County. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have over 30 years of experience in the industry. No matter what type of issue you’re having, we guarantee we can fix it! Click here to view a list of other services we provide and feel free to contact us with any further questions! When you need garage door repairs, always remember that Door Doctor Inc is here for you!