Spring has sprung and it’s time to get a fresh start on your projects around the house. You’ve dusted down the den, you’ve freshened up the family room, and buffed the bathroom. But aren’t you forgetting something? Yes, it’s time to get after the garage. But it can be a daunting process. With so much stuff in there, where do you even begin? During our garage door repair calls, we at Door Doctor Inc. have spent a lot of time in a lot of garages; some cleaner than others. So here’s a helpful guide on spring cleaning for your garage in Cape Coral.

Getting Started

Often the hardest part of cleaning the garage is just getting started in the first place. We’ve all shared that moment of opening the garage door and watching as the light from outside slowly illuminates that pile of old hockey gear, rotting hoses, and paint cans. It’s such a mess you just don’t even want to think about it.

So, to get started, put yourself in the right mindset. To do that, dedicate a set amount of time to get the cleanup done. We suggest at least a full day, and even better, a full weekend to get your garage cleaned up. Enlist the aid of your family and friends to make the process go faster.

Divide And Conquer

Start your process by laying out three spaces to put items and goods. These spaces are for things you’ll keep, things you’ll donate or sell, and things you’ll throw away. If you’re not sure what goes into each pile, think about every item you pick up as you clean. If you haven’t used it in two years, if it’s broken beyond repair, or you can’t remember why you bought it in the first place, it’s probably easy to put these items into the donate or throwaway piles. Get these piles of items out of the house ASAP!

Once you’ve identified what you’re keeping, you can start to organize those items into broad categories, like “sports gear,” “tools,” etc. Store them in boxes or bins and label them. As you’re cleaning, you might come across some items that are helpful to have around, but don’t need to live in your garage. These items include things like paint, propane, pet food, and paper goods. Paint is better stored in a basement or attic where it won’t be exposed to extreme temperature shifts. Propane should always be stored outside, while pet food should always be stored inside to keep critters out. Paper items should also be inside to prevent them from getting water damaged or chewed on by creatures.

Plan Your Approach

Now that you’ve cleared out your garage of everything except what you absolutely need there, you can start to think about where you’ll store everything. Take a moment to look at your garage and think about how you can best use the space. Group like items together. For instance, the lawn mower and weed whacker should be next to each other. Place high-use items like bikes, skateboards, and trash cans close to the front of the garage.

Hang ‘Em High

Once you’ve figured out how you’re going to organize the space, you can start taking advantage of the best storage space you have in your garage: the walls and ceiling. Hanging items up on the walls and from the ceiling frees up precious floor space and makes it much easier to park your car. Plus, it’ll keep things better organized, so you can find those holiday decorations faster.

If your garage doesn’t already have it, invest in some pegboard and storage racks and shelves. The peg boards are great because they can be cut to fit the size of the wall space, and can be customized so you can hang any number of things in whatever position makes sense. Hanging shelves and racks can be affixed to the studs in the wall so you can place heavier objects like bins full of tools and toys.

Don’t forget about the ceiling. It’s the perfect spot to hang the long and flat stuff that you only use seasonally, or on special occasions. Ladders, surfboards, and tree trimmers fit nicely up here, and it frees up a lot of floor and wall space. Of course, if you choose to store things on the ceiling, it’s important to ensure it does not inhibit the proper functioning of your garage door opener.

Finishing Up

Once you’ve got everything sorted, stored, and organized in the garage, you can sweep out your garage and even wash the floor if you’re feeling inspired. Then you can proudly park your car in your reclaimed garage. You’ll have room to breathe deep, walk around your garage, and find everything you need in no time flat!

Of course, it’ll be hard to clean your garage if you can’t open it. If you’re in need of garage repair in Cape Coral, call the garage door opener specialists at Door Doctor, Inc. We’ll have a technician out to your home within 24-hours!