An image of a wooden garage door.


If you’re like the vast majority of the population, you probably use your garage for some type of storage. It probably holds old paper documents, a container of dog food, extra paint — the limit is truly endless when it comes to what you can hold in your garage. However, there are some things that you should not keep in your garage. In this blog article, we are going to discuss some common household items that you’re probably keeping in your garage, but you shouldn’t be. 



Thankfully here in Florida, we don’t have to worry about the frigid temperatures that can alter paint formulas, but we do have to worry about the heat. Keeping paint in an area where the temperature fluctuates frequently, whether it be hot or cold, can turn your paint into an unusable mess. Don’t throw away your money when it comes to paint. We’d recommend that you store your paint in an area where the temperature is constantly around 70-75 degrees. If you’ve got an extra storage closet or room in your basement, that’s a much better place for the paint to reside than your garage. 



While the garage may seem like it’s a good place to hold outgrown items like children’s books, it’s not. If you’re looking to save books to give to your grandchildren or future children, try storing them inside. Garages tend to be dark environments and can sometimes be damp (thanks to Florida humidity), which creates the perfect threshold for bugs to thrive in. Silverfish are insects that thrive in dark and damp environments, like garages, and love to eat the glue that binds books together. If you are going to store them in the garage, try storing them in an airtight container. This will create a barrier between the moisture and keep the bugs out! 


Pet Food

We’re all guilty of this, but storing a bag of pet food in the garage is basically an invitation for pests to come into your home. Even if you seal the bag in a trashcan, make sure that it’s either metal or plastic, as rodents can easily chew through the paper or cardboard and get into the food. Once again, make sure that the lid is sealed on tightly too! 


Oily Rags

If you’re a person who likes to work on cars be sure to be very careful of where you’re storing your oily rags. Oil soaked rags can spontaneously combust and even start a fire if they’re stored in an area where heat is usually trapped. In the Florida heat, be especially careful where you’re storing these. Take them inside, it may be icky, but store them in a container so that they’re out of the heat and stored nicely inside! 


Blankets/Sleeping Bags

Fluctuating temperatures and humidity are not great for fabrics, especially heavy ones like blankets and sleeping bags. When they’re nicely folded or wrapped up, they’re the perfect invitation for rodents to live in. They can also easily get moldy and holey. While it may be tempting to store camping supplies in the garage, take it inside. 



Your children’s toys are a wonderful place for bugs and rodents to reside in. Many times children’s toys have lots of nooks and crannies, which make it the perfect home for unwanted visitors. They may even melt if they’re left in the heat for too long. Instead of letting them pile up, donate any unwanted toys. They’ll be out of your hair and enjoyed by another child, it’s a win-win for everyone! 


Propane Tanks 

While you’re usually safe storing a sealed propane tank in the garage, make sure that it is sealed and that it’s not leaking. If your propane tank starts to leak and it’s left unnoticed, any small type of spark can start a fire. Even the simple act of starting your car can cause a fire. So if you are storing your propane tanks in the garage, be sure to periodically check to make sure they’re not leaking or to be even safer, store them outside. 



Most people know not to store their wine in the garage here in Florida. However, with extreme heat and fluctuating temperatures, it can easily alter the taste of your wine. Instead, keep them inside the pantry or even in the basement. 


If you’re storing things in your garage and finding that they’re either becoming homes for rodents and insects or they’re experiencing extreme temperatures a faulty garage door could be a contributing factor. If you’re experiencing garage door problems and you’re in the North Fort Myers or Estero area, contact Door Doctor Inc. We specialize in all sorts of garage door repairs and have over 20 years of experience. We make sure that you’re getting the best service at a fair and competent price. Contact us today to get started!