It can be hard to determine when it’s time to contact the garage door opener specialists at Door Doctor in Cape Coral. It can be even more daunting to try and help them diagnose the issue or even get a sliver of information about how you can help the process of repairing the garage door proceed. Don’t fret though, we’ve compiled a guide of common issues that might need our helpand which hiccups have a home remedy and which ones need our immediate attention. If you’re still unsure about the health of your garage door, reach out to us. We’re happy to give you a walkthrough of the system if we’re familiar with your model. If we’re not, we can always come out and take a look to make sure no specific parts need to be replaced before we start to suggest garage door opener replacement solution.

When Garage Door Openers Stop Working

The cause of the problem is usually not complex, but the solution is almost never simple. Even with common hiccups in the day-to-day workings of the appliance, there can be weird causes to the sudden loss of functionality. If you have an in-depth understanding of garage door openers, it can be somewhat easier to debunk the issue, otherwise, it’ll take some time to figure out. With our help, we hope to, at the very least, allow you to diagnose why this everyday convenience that has become oh so crucial to the workings of your day has stopped working entirely.

Remote Control and Switch Won’t Work

If the garage door isn’t moving up and down at the behest of your switch or the remote it’s probably the power source that got disrupted somewhere along the line. In general, it’s probably the motor until that has miraculously been unplugged and now it’ll be up to you to determine which end it came unplugged from. Some garage door openers only have one place it can come out of, others area little more tricky to see where the break in the bridge is coming from. Start at the outlet and make sure the cord is plugged in entirely. If that doesn’t work, then you can probably blame the breaker, the fuse, or the GFCI. The circuit might have tripped or burnt out. This is often indicated by other lights in the house not working. All you have to do is switch the breaker or replace the fuse and it should start working once more. If it does not, or if the circuit breaker is tripping repeatedly there is most likely a short circuit somewhere. If the motor of the garage door opener has burned out you’ll most likely have to get the entire garage door replaced. However, a short circuit might just need a minor garage door opener repair rather than an entirely new unit.

The Garage Door Openers Keypad or Remote Won’t Work

If the keypad or the remote, or any item that’s supposed to connect you to the garage door opener no longer is communicating with the garage door it might be for several reasons. First, try getting closer to the door itself. You might just be too far out of range for the small radio to pick up the transmission. A few feet can totally affect where it picks up the signal. If that doesn’t work, check the motor unit or the antenna and see that it’s still hanging downward. If both of those things are doing fine and don’t look damaged you probably just need to have your remote reprogrammed. Sometimes they’ll lose their programming and need to be reprogrammed to work correctly again.

Contact Door Doctor in Cape Coral

Whatever the issue is with your current garage door opener, we’re here to help. We can help you diagnose the issue and give you options to fix it. At times, it might be less expensive and more cost effective to invest in a replacement garage door opener. According to your needs, we’re prepared to ensure that your garage door won’t be out of working order for too long to make a dent in your patience. Contact us to get your garage door opener fixed now.