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While your garage is meant to shelter your car, store tools, and any other equipment that you don’t want in the house, it can become the perfect shelter for other things. These other things are pests, and they’re something that you don’t want to have to shelter in your garage. There are a number of reasons these creatures may be invading your space. It may depend on what you’re storing in your garage, click here to read out the latest blog post where we talk about what you should not be keeping in your garage. 


It may also depend on the integrity of your garage door. Perhaps it’s got a slight bend from when you accidentally closed it on a trashcan and now it doesn’t shut all the way? Or if you leave your garage door open frequently, the pest may take this as an open invitation. There are many reasons that pests may be invading your space, but there are some things that you can do in order to get rid of them. 


First, let’s take a closer look at what are some of the most common pests that may be lurking in your garage. 



These are one of the most common types of pests that love to live in your garage. Many times they gain entry by entering under doors or they can be brought in through items that they’ve already infested such as cardboard boxes or other containers. They like to feed on paper items, glue, clothing, and food (flour, meat, and even each other). These bugs can quickly grow their numbers in your space since the females can lay up to three eggs per day, hiding them in cracks and under objects. 



Specifically camel crickets, which have a brown color and humpback shape, often love to invite themselves into your garage. This happens especially when the weather gets too hot for them outside. Since crickets have great jumping ability, they can easily damage your clothing and other things no matter how high those items are placed. 



Spiders feed on other insects, which is why they love living in garages. A garage, especially one that has other insects in it, is a spiders dream come true. While they’re less likely to live inside the house, due to more effective pest control methods, your garage is more susceptible. Once they get inside, you want to get rid of them as soon as possible since they are prone to laying tons of eggs, and the last thing you want is for those eggs to hatch! 



Deer mice are often the ones that are seeking shelter from weather conditions. Many times they love to create their nests out of boxes, old clothing, or anything else that may look relatively inviting to them. Garages also have a large number of items that mice love to chew on such as cables, pet food, boxes, and much more. Since they’re so small, they’re able to squeeze themselves through small spaces.  

Why the Garage? 

So why are pests so attracted to your garage? Well, it’s simple. Your garage offers shelter that’s usually free from weather conditions, predators, and all your belongings provide the perfect real estate for them. Your garage is also so susceptible to pests since you’re opening and closing the door so often. 


Even if you don’t leave your garage door open for hours at a time, the simple act of opening and closing it in order to drive in or out still allows for pests to be let in. And once they’re let in, they usually don’t leave on their own. Your garage is also a great place since you’re usually not cleaning it as often as you should be. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of this, but all the better reason to take better care of your garage. 


How To Keep Them Out

Just like other areas of the house, your garage should be cleaned frequently. Cleaning out your garage can get all of the old junk out, which pests love, and it allows you to see where the problem is. The problem may also be with your garage door. If your garage door isn’t closing properly due to malfunctions or old age, it may be time to address these issues. Many insects are attracted to moisture, which we have plenty of here in Florida, so if your door isn’t working properly you’re probably letting more in than you want. 


If your garage door isn’t functioning properly, call us, Door Doctor! With over 20 years of experience, we promise you won’t find anyone better than us. We know that garage door issues are a pain, which is why we offer you timely and affordable fixes. If you’re experiencing problems, don’t wait. Contact us today