Why Your Garage Door Opener is Breaking Down

The truth is, there’s probably nothing you’re specifically doing that’s going to break down your garage door opener faster or slower than your neighbor’s. Much like painting your house, you can buy the average brand and get a certain range of years of use, or you can purchase the higher end brand and replace it less and invest in less maintenance for the paint. If you’re thinking about avoiding most future maintenance needs, you’re likely going to want a Liftmaster replacement garage door opener, now rather than later.


What Makes Liftmaster So Great?

Essentially, the LiftMaster brand has managed to make a name for itself as the preferred brand for folks who know what they’re looking at. In fact, they’re the number one professionally installed garage door opener brand because homeowners and businesses alike have trusted LiftMaster for years.


LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Are The Leading Brand

As a brand, they more than meet the simple federal requirements of a garage door opener. If you’re looking at other openers, be sure to check if the garage door opener provides an automatic inherent reverse feature after two seconds of sensing an obstruction. You should also note if it has under a 30 second reverse timer that lifts the door up in 30 seconds after meeting any sort of obstruction or has not fully closed at all. There should also be a “secondary entrapment protection system” which should be attached to the garage and acts as a sensor for the garage door opener. Be wary that these are all standard features and if you walk into a discount shop and they mention that these aren’t necessary, you shouldn’t purchase that particular model.


The Secret To Longevity

When you’re painting your wall, if you opt for a gallon of discount paint, you can’t expect it to look as pretty as you’d like. Nor can you expect it to stand the test of a quick wipe down when a spot of tomato juice gets the chance to dry on it. With Benjamin Moore paint, you’re looking at years of happy use and very little decay in the product’s look and functionality. That’s the Liftmaster difference: quality.


The LiftMaster Brand Quality

Like most mechanical brands, their quality stems from their performance. While it may seem unlikely that you’ll find a garage door opener that’s the equivalent of a Ford Mustang since these are simplistic and elegant machines. You can, however, find a garage door opener that will keep your Ford Mustang safer than others, which is another point of value for these garage door openers that helps them rise above the competition. For example, LiftMaster garage doors have licensed around 4,000 dealers and installers around the nation and they’ve vetted them extremely carefully. The professional garage door opener installation companies that get certified are already certified in UL 325 compliance and have to follow the highest safety standards of any door and gate system around.

That’s just the tip of the advanced safety and security perks, though. Their obstruction sensors are faster and more accurate than others for increased safety, but the most impressive is the security technology, including the Posilock feature that electronically prevents the garage door from being forced open. Additionally, every remote and keypad comes with top-of-the-industry defense against code hackers. Plus, their complaint systems and operators are thoroughly tested to meet a set of high requirements that simply makes the LiftMaster brand better in essentially every way.


Replace Your Garage Door Opener In North Fort Myers Now

Don’t put your Fort Myers home in danger of a garage door robbery or burglary. Invest in a LiftMaster now and side-step maintenance and security and safety issues for years to come. Door Doctor is proud to help keep our neighbors and clients safe with better garage door openers and better garage door opener repair. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment.