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Garage Repair Services

Garage Opener

Repair & Installation

Remote and Keyless Entry

Spring Repair and Replacement

Does your garage door open very slowly or make loud noises? Is your door not opening at all? This may be due to an outdated garage door opener that's in need of repair or replacement. Door Doctor can assess the issue and provide the best solution for your garage door opener.

The best part of your garage is being able to get in and out at the click of button. If your keyless entry is not working properly, we can fix that quickly and affordably! We can also install new keyless systems if you don't currently have one.

When springs are damaged or broken, it can cause major issues with your garage and could even be dangerous! We can quickly assess if this is the issue with your garage door and swap out the damaged springs with new ones for an affordable price.

Broken Belt Replacement

Garage Reinforcement

Roller Replacement

If your garage door won’t open, the root cause may be the belt. The belt powers the cable and pulley system that moves your garage door. After a while, the belt can wear out, simply from friction and age. If it snaps, there is nothing to move the system that spools in the cables and lifts the door. Connect with us for expedient garage door belt repair or replacement!

Garage Reinforcement is absolutely vital in a hurricane state! Take preventative measures to not only protect your garage door, but also the vehicles inside it and your home itself. Supports are place on the areas of your garage door that may be most vulnerable to wind and debris. Join the thousands of people we have helped protect their homes from hurricanes over the last 20 years!

 Loud clunking and clanging when your garage door opens and closes is caused by worn out or damaged rollers. Long-stem nylon rollers offer a better alternative to the older metal rollers that came with your garage door. Not only are they more quiet, they have a longer lifespan and reduce wear on other parts of your system!

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